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Lithium Brine Mining

Lithium Brine Mining answers our Prayers

Lithium Brine Mining is answering our Prayers for a Greener better Earth for us and future generations. Why is this you ask ? I wondered the...
Lithium Recycling

Lithium Recycling in the Coming Decades

Changing from Global Warming Energy to Green methods will require us to get really good at Lithium Recycling. Over the past decade our Efforts have essentially been mostly 2...
Ocean Brine Mining

Ocean Brine Mining For the Future

EV Batteries will gain huge benefits from Ocean Brine Mining for the metals and materials needed for them. Oceans cover 70% of the planet and all water has dissolved...
Cobalt Ore

Electric Cars and Cobalt in the Batteries

I believe in Electric Cars but am concerned about Electric Cars and Cobalt EV Batteries. Cobalt is like a double edged sword. So what exactly is...
Recycling EV Batteries

Recycling EV Batteries – Can it be Done

I have read a number of articles and posts from people saying EV Cars won't make it without Recycling EV Batteries. I find it amazing that people question the...
Battery or Fuel Cell Electric Car

Battery or Fuel Cell Electric Cars

I'm buying a new EV and need to know if Battery or Fuel Cell is the better choice. But wait, what is even the difference between these two choices...
EV Regenerative Braking

What is EV Regenerative Braking

EV Regenerative Braking is like nothing in my Gas Car yet once I got used to them they are totally amazing. How traditional Vehicle Brakes actually work
Best Electric Vehicles

Best Electric Vehicles and What to Look for

The Best Electric Vehicles are those with the Greatest Value for the Cost of the Vehicle. The Cost to both buy it and operate it. With...
Electric Vehicle Availability

Electric Vehicle Availability Challenges

Electric Vehicle Availability has become a huge issue. It is the reason limiting how many Electric cars are on the road today. So why is this...
Electric Car Batteries

The Problem with Electric Car Batteries

What are the main problems with Electric Car Batteries and should I be concerned ? On the surface Electric Cars appear to be the End all savior for Climate...