American English differences

American English is a recent new comer to the languages and is as the name implies English that originates in the United States.

Right from the beginning american English was noteworthy for its slang.

Slang of existing words in in the past 40 years completely new words that are still considered Slang.

American English is the most widely used and influential of the English Dialects.

While you may think that this is because there are so many people in the United States you would be wrong.

In truth it is Microsoft which has caused this surge in American Influence.

Microsoft released the first spell checker programs / Add On and right away people in countries all over the world were suddenly correcting their English to American Standards.

The trickiest part of learning American English is dealing with all the Slang incorporated into the language.

American Slang

American Slag is in both written and spoken English but is mainly in the Spoken English.

Once Slang becomes established it migrates to Written English.

the popularity of Slang Phrases is what has caused this migration.

This popularity comes mainly from Media promotion of the phrases.

Slang is a very informal version of English and is the main source of words that need to be added to the Formal or official English Language.

How does a word move from Slang to Formal recognition ?

A word is officially no longer slang once it is recognized in English Dictionaries.

This process takes time.

Decades sometimes.

The Oxford English Language Dictionary is the end all be all for words being officially recognized.

They do not quickly add words to the dictionary for good reason.

The slow and plodding method allows for new words to flesh themselves out before becoming official

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