Top 10 Online English Courses

Online English Courses and Classes are very popular & today they have simply exploded. Learning English Online has never been easier.

If you need to learn English in today’s Pandemic World you need to look into Online English Courses.

Whether you are a professional in a multinational company or a student trying to get a better job, knowing a foreign language is definitely a great addition to your resume.

Over the years, English grew out to be one of the most spoken languages in the world, with 379 million native English speakers and 753 million people who speak it as a second language.

Most probably, you are using the English language for more than to be able to order food in a restaurant when travelling.

Therefore, it is useful to improve your level by taking an academic English class, which involves speaking, reading, and writing correctly.

English Degree to Teach Abroad

There is a huge market for people to teach English.

The market abroad is even larger and the pay is great.

If you like to help people and live abroad then this career could be for you.

Teaching abroad for companies

Even without a teaching degree in English there are opportunites to work for a nd teach English at companies.

If you want to work at a multi-national company it will definitely take one or more English degrees.

Companies interest in this is that they need employees to become fluent in English for work across the globe.

Teaching abroad at Universities and Colleges

Get your teaching degree in english to apply for postings to univerities.

There is no point even applying here without your degrees.

The pay will be amazing and worth the effort.

Why is English Important to learn

English is important to learn for many business people.

It is the most widespread language in business in the world.

But why has this happened ?

Where did English come from to become this standard ?

English started ironically with a Germanic tribe.

Yes that is a tribe in ancient Germany who migrated to England.

They became know as the Angles and English was the language that England ended up with.

While that hardly makes English a business language there is one main reason for that.

England was an expansionistic country and the British empire was a result of this.

Everywhere the British Empire took hold the language became English.

The Language of Business

The most common language in conducting Global Business is English.

This has been the case for almost a hundred years now.

Every multinational company is fluent in English.

Different English for Different Countries

Its a common mistake to think that regardless of where you learn english that its the same.

English is absolutely different for different Countries.

No don’t get this wrong, English is English.

When you learn the basics those are solid and mainly unchanged.

However all you need to do is try to have a conversation to realize that you have a problem.

You can hear a sentence and while you understand each work the sentence as a whole is a problem.

Slang is the problem.

It changes groups of words to mean something unique to that country.

Regional English Slang

The problem with Slang is that it is not in dictionaries until its recognized as a ‘real’ word.

Once this happens it is no longer slang.

So how do you understand slang ?

Its tricky.

You can try googling it.

However the best way to understand is to get out into the real world.

List to what people say.

Write it down if needed.

Search or ask for its meaning.

Its tedious but unavoidable.

The worst part is that even different regions, states or counties can have different slang.

This means that the same word in different areas can and does have different meaning.

Learn English Online

The internet has opened many doors for options on how to learn english.

Life has become unimaginably busy and people need these options to fir learning English into their lives.

The option to learn English Online means that people who work 2 jobs can still learn in the small gaps in life.

This brings education to the masses, empowering all.

Online learning doesn’t work for everyone.

If you fail to thrive and learn with online English courses do not give up.

Find a local school or college and take an in person class.

What is the Best Course to Learn English

Choosing the right course can both keep you interested in learning English and get you the most benefit.

Having a thorough understanding of what you want will enable you to choose well.

Many students sign up for courses and classes based simply on the name of the course.

Oh no.

That is definitely a mistake and is clearly evident in some student lack of learning.

And their lake of passing.

Figure out your needs and expectations before choosing classes.

What are the best Online Courses in English Language

The answer to this question is rooted in what your goals are.

When you are just interested in learning to speak english for personnal use then the answer is easy.

If you want to learn the write english for personnal use it is a bit harder.

If you need a degree in english then the reason for needing the degree is driving what courses you are able to take.

Can I learn English for Free

Yes, you can absolutely learn English for Free.

The question is how long do you have and do you only want to learn how to speak english ?

English like all languages is complex and has many neuances.

Learning to speak english is the one part that is the easiest to learn on your own.

Which English Course is Best

There are two parts to answering the question What is the Best English Course.

First you must ask yourself why do you want the learn English.

  1. I just want to understand English because I live where its used a lot.
    1. This is the easiest of all choices.
      1. You want to listen to what people are saying and understand it.
      2. You also want to be able to answer them

It this case you do not need or likely even want an actual degree.

You will still get the best results from taking a course because the learning process is structured.

Structured learning means you learn several steps first and then the next stage of learning is built upon that original group.

Without structured learning its makes the process far harder.

Types of English Degrees

There is a lot more than one English Degree.

Which one you start with is a lot less complicated tho as you build on your Degrees like a mason builds a brick wall.

Once you can speak, read, and write english the next step up in higher education is the Associate Degree.

Start here, find a good school or online degree program and get that degree first.

The 3 Types of English you must learn

Most people think that learning English is a single topic.

It is NOT.

You have to learn Three Types of English

Spoken English.

Writing English.

Reading English.

There are challenges for each of these and you will not learn all in a single course.

The fastest way to learn English is by taking an English Class.

Find out how this works and the costs at local colleges and universities.

Is an English Class overkill ?

There is a cost, but you will learn far faster and more correct English this way.

Doing so allows you to communicate with others far quicker.

There is value in doing this.

You learn faster and what you learn is correct.

Smartphone English

You can use your smartphone for learning English.

APPS are available to get you started.

However, you will need more if you want to do more than simply improve your conversational English.

Most APP Learning is a good intro to learning English, but is more a bridge to true English courses.

Either way it is easy to find an APP to try and it gives you a taste of learning English without committing to a class.

The challenge is you will quickly move beyond what it gives you.

That is when you need to start looking for English Classes.

Steps to Learn English

The Steps are different depending upon how you want to Proceed.

Learn Spoken English At Home

Learning to Speak English at Home is a great first step.

To Quickly learn spoken English you need to:

Step 1

Change your Phone, computer, and Television all to English.

This will start you hearing and seeing English words regularly.

You will now start to notice how works are pronouced.

This is Key to speaking new languages.

Step 2

Next start putting up sticky notes on everything in the house with the English names.

Start conversations using these words.

Put up sticky notes with other names like father, mother, daughter.

As you get used to the names add alternate names to the same sticky notes.

For example TV and next television.

Computer to Laptop.

Step 3

Print pictures of interesting things and put them up.

Write out the names in English.

Use these images to have conversations about the topic.

Step 4

Go forth into the community and test your skills.

It will be clear if you need to make more progress.

In Person classes at your local college or university are great options when you are struggling.

Challenges to Learning English Online

There are some significant challenges to learning English Online.

The main issue is that there is no teacher in your face.

The teacher motivates you.

Encourages you.

Helps and guides you as you learn.

To overcome these issues you need to be motivated.

You need to push yourself and make sure you work hard instead of coasting thru the classes.

You do not want to get to exams and discover you don’t know the material well enough.

Online English Courses

Online English Classes and Courses are the most flexible.

There are many programs and you can find one that fits you.

Do not be turned off at the thought of learning at home.

It is easy to Augment your Home School English Classes yourself.

Reach out to Social Groups of people also learning English.

Setup chat rooms and calls to talk in English.

Practice your English speech together.

Setup Phone calls as well.

Another good activity is to go out doing Window Shopping.

Window Shopping is browsing thru stores as a social activity rather than trying to buy something specific.

It gives you a good chance to talk to Store staff about products.

Other shoppers also are a great conduit.

This keeps the subject matter changing and interesting.

ESL English

English for a Second Language ( ESL )

Learning English is a good skill when you live in a country whose primary Language is English.

There are many communities that are Spanish oriented, or French oriented.

You will be super comfortable in these area’s that speak your languages, but there are still benefits to learning English.

Find ESL Classes, Tutors, and schools to start on this path.

If your native tongue is a language similar to English you will find it easier to learn.

Scottish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and French languages all have similarities.

This makes learning English easier, lucky you !

Choose Online English Courses

If you don’t have the time to go to an on-site class, there are a variety of online options to improve your skills.

Make sure you have the right level since most of them are suitable for intermediate to advanced level of English.

Also, before enrolling in an online course, make sure that you are an excellent self-learner and also that you can make a schedule and plan time to study on your own.

The most significant advantage of an online course is that you can choose a pace based on your availability to learn and also a course that matches your learning style.

You can choose a course that uses videos or written texts as a teaching method.

Also, you can select a focus, an area you need to improve, like writing, reading, or speaking.

Online English Class Challenges

The greatest challenge for Online only classes is practice.

Its difficult to practice English pronounciation only online.

Mitigate these challenges with online verbal chat rooms.

These allow you to practice in person without face to face contact.

A week of daily verbal practice is worth a month of classes.

Flash Cards are also a huge help.

Meet a friend for coffee and run thru all the flash cards together.

You will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

Learn English Faster At Home

There are things you can do at home to Augment your English classes & speed up your Learning Curve.

Play the News Channel on TV non stop.

Listen to the news, follow the story.

Don’t just ignore it, learn from the broad range of spoken English.

If this is too challenging get yourself a Translation APP.

List to the news and read what the translation APP says it means.

Keep in mind the APP will not be dead right.

Join a Social Group

Social Groups are intimidating at first but you will find the people want to help when they find out why you are there.

You will be able to practice listing to English and speaking as well.

The group will talk at a Normal speed and you absolutely have to practice listening at a normal speed.

It gains insight into one of the hardest parts of Learning English.

Understanding the Slang.

Slang is words and structure you rarely will learn out of text books.

It is absolutely critical to learn for seamless English.

You can have a great time and learn at the same time !

Top 10 Online English Courses.

1. Academic English Online at MacMillan English

This course is designed for students that need to both develop a high level of linguistic competences but also advanced academic skills. While working on their English, students also practice note-taking or critical thinking during this course. Anyone can join the class without any restrictions. The price is about $22 – $27 per course. It comprises a collection of textbooks initially intended to be used by teachers, but they can also be used for independent study. This course is accessible from any mobile device.

2. Academic English at Open Learning

This course is designed for people who use English as a second language. It focuses on writing, but you can also take it to improve your speaking and reading capabilities.  Anyone can join the course even if sometimes they have issues with non-US residents. It is free of charge, and it is a great place to start, especially if you are a student struggling with your papers in English.

3. Academic English: Coursera

Coursera offers courses specialized in different capabilities like speaking. Writing or reading. The classes repeat every month, but they may not be available in some countries. The full five-course bundle costs $310, and they offer some financial aid. You can do the 5-course package or select any course you like. It takes almost three months to complete with at least 7 hours of study per week. Every specialization includes a hands-on project you need to complete to get your certificate.

4. English for Academic Purposes Online at The Open University

These courses take place at various times of the year. This course is suitable for students who want to also get academic credit besides improving their English capabilities. The price is, however, higher than other options, 1852$. Each student will have a tutor, and the entire course is a combination of tutoring and individual study. It includes all kinds of academic English aspects, from writing essays to speaking and listening.

5. Lynda

This is one of the best platforms that offer online English courses that have been used by millions of students for 20 years. They offer over 6000 classes taught by experts from various industries. ESL learners can benefit from over 2000 courses for different levels. It includes courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of English.

6. USA Learners

If you are looking for free resources to improve your English, USA Learners can be a great option. Through hundreds of educational videos over 1000 activities, you can improve your listening, writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary. Also, they offer a course for those who prepare to become US citizens.

7. Learn ESL

This course is designed for people who want to learn English as a second language. They use videos and texts to improve the English capabilities of learners all; over the world. The course is divided into three categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The basic course covers the ground rules of the English language a student should know to form correct sentences. The intermediate class focuses on grammar and intermediate level structures. The advanced course, intended for advanced English learners, focuses on complicated grammar structures, but also on listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

8. Complete English Course

Created by AbcEdu Online, this course focus on speaking and grammar. They use mainly visual support that also includes English grammar. You can buy this course from Udemy for 10$ for the entire pack. This consists of an HD Interactive Board, listening and speaking practice, easy to understand English grammar, quizzes, and more. You also get lifetime access from any device.

9. English Class 101

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your English, then this course may be the right option. You can create a free account and select from a variety of lessons for any levels. They provide a fun and interactive tool, and learners can access it from any device.

10. LEO Network

This is a voluntary organization that helps people learn English online. They offer English Grammar, an extensive vocabulary, and also insights into British culture and traditions. They cover a broad range of English skills like listening, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, or spelling.

English is a highly appreciated asset to any resume, and there are many options online that can help you improve your capabilities. You need to make a clear self-assessment of your level and your learning needs and choose the right course for you.