Learn to Read English

Learning how to Read English is the second stage.

To get to this point you should have completed learning how to speak English.

At the very least you need to be substantially down that road.

Once you can speak English it will aid you in learning to read.

Staged Method of learning to Read

Using a stages method is the most effective method to learn how to read.

Stages take you from simple to complex reading tasks and allows you to build on initial success.

Stage 1

The first stage is the most basic steps.

Learn the alphabet and how to speak each letter.

You must recognize each letter and know how to sound it out.

Without this step you will have a far harder time recognizing new words.

Stage 2

The second stage is to build on the letters by going thru simple words.

These simple letter combinations gives you practice in how the letters combine and sound in relatively small sets.

There are many childs books available and these will be the easiest way to learn.

Do not buy new books, instead find used books at thrift stores and save big money.

These types of books are generally only used until you can speak and then everyone gets rid of them.

They are easily available used.

Stage 3

Get a Library membership in your Area and a Library Card.

Nothing will help you along as much as the library.

The Librarian will help guide you to the books that you need as you progress.

Digital help learning to Read English

There are many sites and APPS that also claim to help you read.

All of the APPs are trying to make money.

You have to be careful that you learn enough using the APP compared to their goal of showing ads or selling you products.

APPS to consider:

Grammar UP

It is difficult to learn how to read English without understanding Grammar.

Apps like Grammar UP give you assistance and examples for the English Grammar.

Even if this is too advanced at the beginning of learning English you should come back and use it later.

Grammar will improve your English very quickly.

Learn English the Fun Way

English LaunchPad

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.