Learn to Write English

Learning how to Write English is your Last step.

It is the hardest to do and you should be able to speak and read English before starting.

This step requires hard work and dedication to get thru.

Be prepared to practice a lot and spend a lot of time at it.

Printing English versus Writing English.

You likely don’t realize it but there are actually 2 forms of writing english.

Printing English

Printing is the first step in learning to write proficiently.

Printing is the skill of combining the letters themselves into words.

Essentally it is just that simple.

Words like ‘Hi’ are just the 2 letters H and i put together in the right order.

Its simple to learn and easy to read.

You must learn how to print before you can learn to write.

Learn the Basics First

Do not rush thru the printing part of the English Language.

Learn how to shape the letters correctly.

Bad habits here will grow as you add more parts into writing.

In truth writing is a habit or subconsious activity.

If you learn to poorly print out the letters there is a solid chance even you will not be able to read what you write.

Finding Practice sheets

You can find great practice sheets for Printing online.

Print as many as needed.

If you do not have a printer you can print at your local stationary store as they offer these services.

When you look for practice sheets make sure you take notice of how hard they are.

Ther eis a scale for how complicated the wirting is.

Start with the easiest one and complete each one in order.

There are generally at least 5 different levels.

There are many multiple sheets for each level.

Make sure you are completely comfortable with any level before moving on.

Writing English

Learning to write is a skill set that builds upon itself.

Learn the most basics such as each individual letter first.

You will need the skill to write an individual letter in order to start writing simple words.

Skip the basics and you will never master writing English.

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.