Lithium Recycling in the Coming Decades

Changing from Global Warming Energy to Green methods will require us to get really good at Lithium Recycling.

Over the past decade our Efforts have essentially been mostly 2 pronged.

We shipped the Batteries with the lithium inside to other countries like China.

Alternately we crushed the cars with other trash and let them rot in landfills.

Neither of these efforts actually could reasonably called recycling.

The Lithium has been allowed to poison our Planet.

None of it ends up back in the manufacturing process.

Truely it has been and continues to be a totally throw away societal method.

Completely un-sustainable.

Lithium Recycling options

Currently Lithium Ion Batteries can be Recycled.

The most popular method is to grind up the physical Battery.

This is a course method but it works.

The output of the grinder is a bowl of black powder.

This powder is all the metals and minerals such as Lithium and Cobalt.

Lithium and metals are now extracted and can be used.

Alternate Burn-Off

I think that burning off the lithium batteries is a waste.

Not only are we putting fumes into the air but there is other effects.

The Lithium completely burns off

Lithium is the Bulk of the battery.

This is now a good recycling mothod.

Its more of a garbage method.

I believe Battery Recycling can be done right.

Lithium can be fully recovered and re-used.

I want to see more pilot projects following this goal.

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