English Dialects

The Demise of Local English Dialects

In the past few hundred years we have seen changes that have results in Massive losses of Local English Dialects. As early as the 1500's there were a dozen...
Old English

Old English Language then and Now.

The Old English Language is the Roots for our Modern Day English. The Language itself was relatively short lived, and is from England. From 450 A.D....
English Language Roots

English Language Roots in America

English Language Roots can tell you a lot about a Language. In North America English is the Dominant Language In the United States. You can add...
Tutor or Not

Learning English – To Tutor or Not to Tutor

To Tutor Or Not is a question everyone asks themselves. The Answer is not clear cut at first but once you think it thru it becomes clear.
Best Method to Learn English

What is the Best Method to Learn English

The Best Method to Learn English depends upon your Goals to a certain degree. It also is dependent upon how you best learn. We can spend...
English for Free

How Can I learn English for Free

You can Learn English for Free but there are tradeoff's. If you take your time and consider carefully what you want it gets easier. You must...
Learn English

Why is it Important to Learn English ?

If you live and work in North America it is very important to Learn English. But even beyond this English has importance in most businesses and dealings.
Preply Online Tutors

Preply English course Tutors Online

Preply offers your first Tutor lesson free and only $10 per hour afterwards. So you are learning English and need help. Preply can handle it with...
Udemy School

Udemy School to Learn at your own Pace

Udemy has over 100,000 courses that you use to learn at your own pace. Founded in 2010 the bulk of courses and students are outside of the USA.
Home Schooling

Home Schooling Vs In Person

Today we are able to see how well home schooling has been working. This is true for kids everywhere for K12 thru university. The results we...