Why is it Important to Learn English ?

If you live and work in North America it is very important to Learn English.

But even beyond this English has importance in most businesses and dealings.

English is the main language in first world contries

English has its Roots from Great Britain or England.

The British Empire spread across the globe and everywhere they colonized they brought English.

Today known as the commonwealth each of the countries has English as one of the official languages.

Less than 25% of the world speaks English as their primary language.

Despite this far more countries by quantity have English as an official language.

Most travel is done to either the First World countries or to naturally beautiful places on the planet.

This means that most travellers either need to know English or have a good translator on their smart phone.

Its Important to Learn English for Business

The colonization of the world was done for profit.

Profit is important to Business and that was the primary driver for the colonization of far off places.

Today the business world has held fast to that initial language that all businesses needed.

English is used in the bulk of all businesses regardless of where they are located.

All businesses in non English speaking countries speak that language.

However they also all speak english because business is not limited to a countries borders.

Most businesses view learning English as the ‘universal’ business language.

This keeps companies from having to learn a dozen languages.

Its just practical now.

Business students almost always learn or know English as well, those who do not could face future promotion issues.

Banks are a great example where English is a must have language for all employees.

As cross border or global commerce has grown so has the need to know English for business.

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.