English Language Roots in America

English Language Roots can tell you a lot about a Language.

In North America English is the Dominant Language In the United States.

You can add 2 more languages when looking at North America.

Spanish from Mexico, and French from Canada.

English is the dominant Language in the USA and Canada.

English Language Roots

English has its Origins in Germania.

The Germanic Language was the Root of many Languages.

This means that all these languages have relatively common Structures.

Many European Languages close to Western Germany today are all rooted in Germanic.

Before you find its Germanic Roots English came from England.

England was invaded many times from northern and western Europe and those settlers brought their Germanic rooted languages with them.

The mixture eventually resulted in English.

Spanish and French Language Roots

Spanish and French have common roots that sprang from Latin.

Latin is what we call the Romantic language today.

This is why Spanish and french are easily learned when you know one.

English on the other hand has many basic structure differences which makes learning English harder for some.

On the other hand Learning German is far easier if your first language is Enlgish.

Common structure and even words that are so close you intuatively know them

For example No in English is Nine in German

This is so close you instinctively know its meaning.

Languages Rooted from Germanic

High and low German as well as Dutch are Germanic rooted.

Also Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch are all from Germanic as well.

You can see why the Vikings have had such a profound influence on English.

The Lands they attacked and conquored all ended up with Germanic Roots.

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