Electric Cars and Cobalt in the Batteries

I believe in Electric Cars but am concerned about Electric Cars and Cobalt EV Batteries.

Cobalt is like a double edged sword.

So what exactly is Cobalt ?

It is a Metalic Ore.

Its primary use is in Lithium Cobalt Oxide which is the Cathode for Lithium Batteries.

Batteries in my Phone and Electric Cars.

Today over 50% of active and known Cobalt sources and reserves are on the Congo.

However there is active exploration and potential to find significant qty of Cobalt even in North America.

The down side to Cobalt Ore is that it is Toxic to Marine life in concentrations.

It is also not great for human life as well.

That aside the biggest issue with Cobalt in aquiring it.

Cobalt Mining

Cobalt Mining is a massive problem.

There is not a single Cobalt Mine that is planet friendly.

All are ugly open pit mines.

Stripping the earth bare.

Imagine the harshest of Pit mining and that is Cobalt mining.

Lithium has open pit mines but other better options such as Brine Extraction.

To my knowledge there is not a single good option like this for Cobalt that is actually being persued.

Seawater Cobalt Brine Mining

In theory we can Extra Cobalt from Seawater Brine using a Filter Process.

This is not yet being persued but if it were not only would it be a very Ethical Method of mining but it would also benefit the oceans.

If our EV Batteries continue to require Cobalt I hope that someone will startup a company to look into Cobalt Brine Mining.


I think that a company like this could actually extra many minerals and salts from ocean water.

Perhaps the best of all cases would be one step further.

Setup a seawater Extraction plant.

This plant could extra cobalt and many other minerals.

Salts and more.

Its output could be clean non-salt water.

This could be pumped back into Farming.

In this way we would have a positive solution for Electric Cars and Cobalt EV Battery Production.

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