EV Battery impacts on the Enviroment

With all of us racing to stop using gas car we need to understand EV Battery impacts on the enviroment.

Are we simply listening to the hype and later will discover we have poisoned all the drinking water we rely upon ?

Just what are these minerals that we so desperately need ?


As I said in an earlier post Lithium’s main impact is on how we mine it.

There are viable options to change this which will lead to a much more Earth Friendly method.

Other than this Lithium is much better than many other things we normally use in our daily life.


This metal has a long and storied history with us.

Its relatively rare and mainly mined in Africa under conditions that are not ideal.

Cobalt first hit the radar with issues people had after knee Joint replacements.

Some reported that their flesh around the replacement was ”melting away”.

To this day there are court cases in process.

Knee and hip replacements have moved away from Cobat entirely.

They are now using Titanium instead.

The good news on Cobalt is we do not need to use it forever.

Lithium is universily needed for EV Batteries but there are half a dozen options to Cobalt.

Other minerals

Manganese, Graphite and Silicon are also all needed today.

As our battery technology evols so will the minerals we need.

This means that the EV Battery impacts will change and I’m sure reduce in severity.

I see the impacts of global warming and mans harm on the planet everywhere.

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