Lithium Brine Mining answers our Prayers

Lithium Brine Mining is answering our Prayers for a Greener better Earth for us and future generations.

Why is this you ask ?

I wondered the same.

Our biggest challenge in moving away from Fossil Fuels is Energy Storage.

Fossil Fuels is a massively compact powerful amount of energy that we simply can carry around and burn on demand.

Green or Non-Fossil Fuel energy all needs Storage.

Because we never have had that requirement we have spent the last 100 years focusing on going faster and making more money.

Now that we need batteries we are in a massive race to keep up with Demand.

Demand is coming Ground Roots from the people.

Everyone can see where the planet is going.

We all want to do what we can.

Lithium is the one Mineral that is critical to battery production for the next decade.

Lithium Brine Mining VS Open Pit

Open Pit Mining has been the most profitible and therefore the one used the most.

It is an aweful process that strips the earth bare, killing all animals who are in the way.

Using and polluting huge amounts of fresh water at the same time.

Brine Mining is a relatively new process and concept.

It has taken off in Australia and Canada.

The vast number of Lithium Mining companies who are looing into how they can switch to Brine Mining tells a tale.

This is going to become the premier method for high volume high quality Lithium moving forward.

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