Ocean Brine Mining For the Future

EV Batteries will gain huge benefits from Ocean Brine Mining for the metals and materials needed for them.

Oceans cover 70% of the planet and all water has dissolved minerals and metals in them.

In fact the largest storage of Uranium is in Sea Water.

It is estimated that there is over 4 BILLION Tons of Uranium in the Ocean Waters.

EV Battery Metals in the Oceans

Lithium is the biggest volume of minerals used in EV Car Batteries.

Finding and mining it without causing more harm than good is a huge concern for me.

Most traditional Lithium Mining is open Pit, rape the world type mining.

It is a real toss up if its even worse than not changing to EV Vehicles to be completely honest.

Lithium can be mined without harm to the planet.

Many companies already use Brine Extraction both in Australia and Canada.

Switching to Ocean Brine mining is feasible because it contains 0.1 PPM dissolved in the Oceans.

Total qty is in the Billions of tons.

However it is NOT feasible to have a single company come in and ONLY go after the Lithium.

We need a better method.

What we really need is a Broad and comprehensive solution.

How to Make Ocean Brine Mining Work

With Global Warming one of the worries I have is around just plain old water.

We will get far more rain but our planet will retain far less of it in spots we have year round access.

This leads to the counter-intuitive thought that we will have water shortages with this increase in Rain.

What we need is to extract fresh water from the oceans at spots on the planet where we need to suppliment rainfall.

Drinking or potable water alone will not work as the cost for this single output is far too high.

What we want to do, what we need to do is far more all encompasing.

We need to mine the ocean water Brine for all these valuable metals and minerals while having the left over result to be potable or farm usable water.

This water is now an after effect of the mining and the cost per gallon is far less.

The list of minerals extracted from Ocean water is huge.

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