Preply English course Tutors Online

Preply offers your first Tutor lesson free and only $10 per hour afterwards.

So you are learning English and need help.

Preply can handle it with literally tens of thousands of tutors available.

Is Preply Cost effective

To answer this question we must look at the entire learning curve for your English language learning path.

Lets consider you have started learning English this year but need help.

You contact Preply and find literally thousands of Tutors to help you.

Fantastic, lets get going.

But wait, what will this cost if you use the tutors to finish learning English ?

A spot check on costs will average out at say $20 per hour for the tutor.

That seems reasonable.

But before we jump in and start going down this path lets consider the entire cost.

Lets look at a typical course for learning English.

The course may run 8 months with your English class being 1 hours per day.

for the sake of this calculation we will average this to 20 days per month, even tho it is a bit low.

So 20 hours each month of time.

That works out to 160 hours for the year.

At $20 per tutors class that is $ 3,200 for that one class.

You could use an online program or APP for between $15 and $50 dollar a month.

That compares well at only $400 for that same 8 months.

Is Preply worth the money ?

So the reason preply is so successful is for several reasons.

First and foremost most people need at least some help and assistance learning English.

Preply provides tutors that truely help you over the problem spots in learning English.

The other great thing is that you do not need to use your Preply tutor every day.

If you use the service in a smart way you may only need your tutor once a week.

Suddenly Preply is downright economical.

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