Home Schooling Vs In Person

Today we are able to see how well home schooling has been working.

This is true for kids everywhere for K12 thru university.

The results we are seeing should be strongly considered before you decide how to learn.

Home Schooling Motivation

We all know how hard it is to be self motivated.

When you are a teen it is even harder.

Post secondary is better but it still highly impacted with home schooling.

Students no longer have others to follow along with.

You cannot listen to what questions other ask.

These activities greatly increase understanding and depth of knowledge.

Even when you have questions at home these can become all encompassing.

In a classroom you can ask the question and get the answer.

Not only does this happen fast but there are other benefits.

You know the answer is right.

It allows the teacher to elaborate upon that answer, perhaps even asking further questions.

That in itself expands your knowledge even more.

Its a compounding effect.

At home its far different.

You may spend 20 minutes to just be sure you have the right answer.

In a normal class of 1 hour in person you may well spend 2 hours.

For a full day of classes, lets call it 6 hours that could bring you to 12 hours.

Most people find that too hard.

Understanding falters at Home.

When you motivation falters you start putting in less time.

Instead of learning at the normal pace you find yourself slowly falling behind.

At the end of a single year you could easily find yourself only 50% complete.

Even when you push yourself to get thru the material this can have issues.

You don’t learn with the depth of topic.

This means when it comes to test they are harder.

Harder but not insurmountable.

However any classes that build on that past courses knowledge base become that much harder.

More questions come up and it takes longer and longer to answer them.

Harder to gain a thorough understanding.

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