What is the Best Method to Learn English

The Best Method to Learn English depends upon your Goals to a certain degree.

It also is dependent upon how you best learn.

We can spend many an hour droning on about finding out how you best learn.

There is one other thing that has even greater impact on learning English.

Emersion Learning is Incredibly Effective

So what is emersion learning and why does it work ?

Normal classroom or home learning is done in a specific slot of time.

That can be done once per day or even once per week.

During that timeslot you are dedicating your time to learning and because of that undivided attention you learn well.

Once that is done you move on to other things in life.

Working, cooking, cleaning and other factors in life consume you.

All the learning that happened within the last 15 minutes has a challenging time to move into long term storage.

There are several reasons for this.

  1. During the time it is trying to move to long term memory you are doing other unrelated things.
  2. You do not repeat anything from that final 15 minutes because you are finished with that topic.

How Does Emersion Learning Work differently

Instead of limiting yourself to the timeslot available you use what you are learning all thru the day.

Some courses don’t work well for this, but learning English is ideal.

Emersive learning is the Best method to learn English.

Start only talking in English.

Do this with Family and friends.

Get everyone on board to helping you.

As you finish your slotted time to focus on new learnings you continue using English.

This is a soft time where you keep using what you have learned and building on it.

You retain more from each lesson and progress faster.

Because you progress faster you also find it easier to keep learning.

That leads you to enjoying the process of learning because you understand more and it is easy.

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.