Udemy School to Learn at your own Pace

Udemy has over 100,000 courses that you use to learn at your own pace.

Founded in 2010 the bulk of courses and students are outside of the USA.

Launched as the Academy of You which sounds ideal it is actually all about the money like most other Schools.

Since 2010 the Board has raised almost 300 million dollars.

With this much capital invested typical companies are driven primarily and often solely by the bottom line.

Is Udemy Free and Affordable

Absolutely Edemy.com has some free courses.

Courses are Free at the discression of the instructors.

This is a model that is outside of Brick and Mortar Universities.

So how does it work ?

Its simple really.

Udemy is like Posh.

Yes Posh, the APP where users can upload articles of clothing to sell.

Buyers find what they want and buy the clothing.

The seller ships the product after the buyer sends money to Posh.

Posh then takes a Cut of the sale and sends the balance to the seller.

Its works well, but consider this.

If Edemy only takes a cut of money and acts like the middle man what is their primary goal ?

Its the money, always the money.

For Profit Learning concerns

Its hard in our society to have any learning service not be focused on the profits.

However there are degrees of focus that in the end matter a great deal.

If you are only interested in the money then choices and mediation are all done from that perspective.

It even starts to drive the instructors.

Instructors who by the way are not truely held to any real standard.

In 2015 alone the top 10 instructors made over $17 million dollars.

That is your money.

An average of $1.7 million dollars for each instructor.

If I’m the only one who sees a problem here then give you head a shake.

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