What is EV Regenerative Braking

EV Regenerative Braking is like nothing in my Gas Car yet once I got used to them they are totally amazing.

How traditional Vehicle Brakes actually work

Tradition Car brakes work a little like the cartoons.

Daffy Duck is whipping down the road at Neck Break speed and suddenly has to stop.

Daffy jams his feet down onto the road and Physically pushes to mechanically stop the car.

While it looks silly on the cartoons its exactly how we brake gas cars, althought with slight changes for comfort.

Brakes use mechanical pressure to slow down, weather its feet on the road or brake pads pushing on a rotor.

Its exactly the same principle.

The exact same result occurs and its just as wasteful as feet on the ground.

Brake pads push extremely hard on the rotor to slow down the car.

Effectively I’m exchanging Speed for Heat, which is logical given the physics rule for conservation of energy.

That heat is not used for anything and in fact creating that heat burns off some brake pad and the surface of the rotor.

So ultimately we are slowing down and contributing to buying new brake pads and rotors while we do it.

How is EV Regenerative Braking Different

The closest thing I have seen to EV Regenerative Braking is transport trucks Engine Brakes.

However the Big rigs simply use the resistance inherent in the engine and its flywheel to slow down.

All that energy that is removed as the truck slows down is simply lost and gone.

Regenerative Braking is completely different.

Instead of using mechanical pressure to bleed off speed and convert it to Heat it used to power a Generator.

That’s right, I’m using the resistance in a generator to re-charge my batteries in the EV while slowing down.

This is the type of smart energy use that I want in my life.

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