Battery or Fuel Cell Electric Cars

I’m buying a new EV and need to know if Battery or Fuel Cell is the better choice.

But wait, what is even the difference between these two choices ?

Is there any difference at all ?

Battery Electric Vehicles

Virtually every EV or electric car today is the Battery Version.

Essentially the Battery is where the power is to run the car.

Its stored Electrical power that you use via Electric Motors to make your Car GO.

Because it takes a huge amount of power for cars the batteries are huge.

Once charged I can drive my car around like normal.

At home I plug the car into the charger and ‘refuel’ the battery with electricity.

The battery side of the EV is almost exactly the same as my smartphone.

It runs on battery.

I have to watch the power levels and recharge when it gets low.

It doesn’t run at all once I’ve depleted the battery.

Fuel Cell Electric Cars

A fuel cell is like an electrical Generator.

So instead of having a massive and heavy battery you would have the Fuel Cell connected to a much smaller battery.

When the car moves it uses battery power just like a battery EV.

Once the battery starts to get depleted the Fuel Cell automatically fires up.

It takes Hydrogen and breaks it down to water vapor and channels the electricity byproduct of that process back into the battery.

No Greenhouse gases.

No huge heavy battery.

So Battery or Fuel Cell Cars ?

You are thinking that the fuel cell cars sound great.

Indeed they do, and we would all choose them over the battery cars.

So where can you find one ?

The simple answer is you cannot.

This is because fuel cells are just a bit too large for personnal cars and trucks today.

They are being used in transport trucks, trains, and even Boats.

Germany is working hard to get the last push done to make the fuel cell small enough for a car.

Once that is done it will be bye bye Battery EV.

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