Electric Vehicle Availability Challenges

Electric Vehicle Availability has become a huge issue.

It is the reason limiting how many Electric cars are on the road today.

So why is this an issue ?

Why am I not able to find any EV on a car lot let alone the one I want ?

Post Pandemic Supply Chain issues

Every company in the world has felt Supply chain issues and Shortages Post Pandemic.

I understand why this has happened but the ramifications are far more widespread than I anticipated.

Companies either had to shut down for varying amounts of time or were forces to.

Too many workers sick or government mandates randomly forces companies to shutdown for essentially random times.

Why does the Supply chain hit so hard ?

Electric Cars are very complex and have thousands upon thousands of parts.

To understand this better lets look at a simple example.

Take a Donut.

Its a simple thing with few ingredients.

Understand that the EV today is going to have ten thousand more parts than a donut.

This means its impact ist ten thousand times greater as well.

Or rather its vulnerability.

So for a donut lets say wheat was not available suddenly.

Once the baker is out of flour stock he stops making donuts.

No flour = no donuts.

I believe her has a weeks supply of flour.

However his supplier ran out and it takes him 3 weeks to get more into stock once a shipment is sent.

So not the bakers orders flour.

But non is shipped to him.

Three weeks later the warehouse gets flour.

They fill his order and ship it out.

This takes another week.

So not its been a month of not making donuts.

Now he can start baking again.

No impagine this happening on 1% of 10,000 items … this is 100 items.

Each EV Parts may have its own list of 1000 items that face the same challenges.

Suddenly its easy to see how the Pandemic introduced complete chaos into the supply chains.

Typical Car parts are 12 to 20 week lead time.

This is how long it takes for the parts to come in under ideal time.

Given this I can see that at a minimum we are looking at 40 weeks to smooth out the supply chains.

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