Best Electric Vehicles and What to Look for

The Best Electric Vehicles are those with the Greatest Value for the Cost of the Vehicle.

The Cost to both buy it and operate it.

With the change to Electric Vehicles it has become obvious that I need to learn the new Key Metrics.

Key Metrics are those things that make a Vehicle better or worse than its competitors.

Top Range for the Best Electric Vehicles

So the Range for Electric Vehicles is critical because once my Battery is dead the car only moves if I push it.

I cannot just pour a jerry can of electricity into my EV anywhere or anytime.

I need to plug it in and let it charge.

The best EV’s have Fast Charge capabilities.

This means on long trips you can pull into a charge site and sit for 15 minutes to fully charge your car.

Don’t let sales people sway your position on EV Range requirements.

For many people 90% of their driving is less than 100 Miles.

I have 2 vehicles so it makes sense that one can be short range.

Why Short Range EV’s are better

Think of my cars Range as being tied to Weight.

This is because the Range in Miles is directly proportional to battery weight.

Double the EV range and its battery is Double or more.

This means it takes that much more electricity to move this longer range EV around.

Every day. Day in and Day out.

For in City daily driving your cost per mile is less with a shorter range city car.

Long Range EV’s are for trips.

how many trips do you make a year ?

Does it justify the much higher EV cost ?

You must closely consider this before buying the next Electric Vehicle.

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