How to Drive for Free with an Electric Garage

Learn how to Drive for Free Today.

Yes this is possible, all you need is to be able to fuel up your car for Free.

Solar is Free energy and it is used to charge up your Tesla 3 vehicle.

You can generate your own Power to fuel your car.

The question becomes what kind of system do you need ?

This is a tricky question.

When you contact a Solar installation company they will try to sell you a large system.

This will be a Grid Tied Solar system.

Grid tied means your solar system is tied to your household electrical system.

This is challenging for you because it is both very expensive and you have no control over it.

Grid Tied system’s never give you electricity when the grid is down.

Yes, you read that right.

They only work when you have electricity to your house.

Your Solar energy is fed into the grid and you are paid a fee for that power.

This is not so bad if buying a $30,000 plus solar system is in your budget.

You will make decent money for your electricity.

And that will more than cover your car’s needs.

The problem is you do not need this.

For a much lower cost you can fuel up your car yourself each and every day.

The Electric Garage

So the first thing I did was look at my car.

I have a Tesla 3

The average American driving in the city will ravel on average 36 miles per day.

My Telsa 3 Burns 290 Watts per Mile I drive.

If I only drive 36 miles than I will use 10,000 Watts or 10Kwh per day.

I live in a decently sunny area and estimate I can get 8 hours of full sun on average to charge my car.

This means I need to supply 1.3 KwH for the 8 hours of charge time.

Average Solar panels give 500 Watts or 0.500 KwH of electricity.


So I need a measly 3 Solar panels on my electric Garage to meet these needs.

Even if I upgrade to 4 panels this is a FAR smaller system than the huge Grid tied system.

But wait.

How can I charge my car when its typically the sunny times of day I use the car.

My car is home when its dark, oh no.

The answer is in your small solar garage system.

The solar panels charge a battery Pack System all day, every day.

Then when you come home to the Electric Garage there is stored battery power to charge your car.

So yes, you can Drive for Free.

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