The Problem with Electric Car Batteries

What are the main problems with Electric Car Batteries and should I be concerned ?

On the surface Electric Cars appear to be the End all savior for Climate Change.

Three things to consider here is where is the bulk of the pollution coming from ?

Are the batteries both Safe and Enviromentally friendly

And how are we charging these electric cars.

Chemicals used in Electric Cars

Batteries are the power source for our Electric Cars.

The speed and range of these cars is dependent on the battery.

The hard thing about car batteries is we require a massive Energy Density.

Energy Density is the Amount of energy stored per cubic foot of battery space.

To make batteries for cars we are using many toxic and hard to recycle chemicals.

Chemicals like Lithium.

Lithium in Chile is open pit mined.

This means they mine hard rock lithium and then grind it into powder.

To extract the lithium we then pour in half a million gallons of water in a massive open pit.

Mix it all about and let the sun evaporate the water.

Obviously the water is a big issue here.

Lifespan of Electric Car Batteries

Every Battery slowly degrades as it is used.

This degradation is caused by the chemical reaction used to both store and then extract the energy from the cells.

Today your new electric car battery should last about 10 years.

What do you do once that lifespan is reached ?

Replace it.

And it is expensive, generally you should count on paying about $ 8,000 for the battery.

Then it has to be changed out, and you also have to pay for the old battery to be recycled in some regions.

The lifespan of 10 years is all based on average use and range.

You may get more but you also could get less.

The biggest issue in buying a used electric car is how long before you have to replace the battery.

You must consider the Electric Car Batteries lifespan and cost carefully.

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