SUV and Crossover – Everything You Need

The United States of America had always been recognized by its concept of the ‘bigger the better,’ with 2016 seeing a skyrocketing rise in auto sales.

This new boom having been instigated and maintained by the climbing attraction of the public to SUV and larger vehicles.

There is a clear reason as to why these types of vehicles have carved their way and populated the streets, relying on their dependability and availability to the middle-class family.

The SUV – shorthand for sports-utility vehicle – has become the new de facto car of the modern family, due to it’s pricing being fairly reasonable and because the cars are often equipped with the latest technology and advancements.

SUV Categories

SUV’s can be categorized by their size; Compact SUV, Midsize and Full-Size, and prices will vary between the three, ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 USD.

Luxury SUV’s, however, escalate when it comes to prices and cost on average closer to $40,000.

The SUV’s popularity is also attributed to the many positive features it proves access to.

The vehicle is large enough for a family, with modifiable seating and versatile cargo space.

Contrary to a truck, the SUV has the more compact body of a regular car, making it not only a perfect city car but its durability and powerful engines can also tackle more difficult terrain as well.

SUV’s also pass with stellar reviews in the entertainment aspect, with most having both satellite and HD radio, excellent audio systems and entertainment packages as well as in-vehicle navigation systems.

SUV Issues

Despite the clear benefits that come with purchasing an SUV, there are also many issues that will arise, and it is advisable that both aspects are taken into consideration, as safety is another major concern of the consumer, especially when looking for a reliable family vehicle.

Studies have shown that because of their height and size SUV’s are prone to more roll-over accidents than any other vehicle on the market.

This added weight not only reveals itself in traction and control issues but also on the wallet, with SUV’s being infamous for not being the most gas-friendly vehicle, both economically or environmentally.


Most dealers and car companies have managed to overcome many of these issues, and more modern SUV’s that are currently entering the market are found have advanced safety technology to ensure complete protection.

All new vehicles are now equipped with collision warning and automatic emergency braking, two functions that have now become a standard function on every car.