Gas Saving Technics

Simple Gas Saving Technics can have a huge impact on your monthly Budget and life overall.

Its not just Gas costs that are increasing but food, goods, electronics.

Everything is subject to record high inflation.

We are all looking for ways to control our Budget.

Without changes we will all be out of money before we have the food to last all month.

Car Maintenance to Save Gas

I always thought I need to maintain my car so that I have less repair bills.

This is absolutely true

However it is far from the only reason.

The savings in Repairs and wear on your car more than pays for the maintenance.

Over and above this there are other savings.

With dirty and old Oil your engine spins harder.

This directly uses more gas to go the same distance.

It also burns more gas going nowhere, just idling.

Additionally changing the Plugs and ensuring all your Fluids are topped up adds more bang for your Gas buck,

However the next biggest thing you can do is your Tires.

Having the tires at Ideal pressure makes the car roll easier.

This saves money.

Only a 5 pound lower pressure can result in 3% more gas used.

Not only this but Air pressure in your tires changes with Tempurature.

Summer to winter.

How long and far you drive.

I check tire pressure monthly.

Anything less and you are throwing away money.

Gas Saving Technics apply to every car or truck.

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