Gas Saving skills that will save Big.

Regardless of the vehicle you own and the Engine Size there are things you can do to reduce Gas usage.

Reduce the Weight you are packing around is very effective.

Every pound that the vehicle weighs takes gas to push around.

Its easy to reduce weight of optional stuff.

Remove things you do not need.

If you are not going on a trip outside of your town do you need that emergency kit ?

Remove it and ensure you have your cell phone to call for emergencies.

Roadside assistance

With roadside assistance you can further reduce weight.

Remove your spare tire.

If you get a flat its less convenient but still they will fix your flat.

The truth is you still have to get the flat fixed.

This means the only extra cost if your time and convenience.

If you remove the spare tire then you can also remove the jack and tools for fixing a flat.

You are likely going to remove almost 1000 pounds with this change.

Dealing with long trips

If you are taking a trip out of town simply add those items back into your car.

This way you have them when its really important yet save gas when they are not critical.

Not only the repair items but your Emergency kit as well.

Don’t remove these items and thro them away.

When needed you definitely want them.

Reduce the Emergency Kit

Reduce the water in your kit to appropriate levels.

Take out excess food.

Change items to less weighty alternatives.

All these things will reduce the weight and save you money.

Watch for the Next article on Saving Money and Gas in these trying time.

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