Saving Gas with changes you can make

With the price of Gas today I’m always looking for ways to save money on the gas I must buy.

I wish I could get rid of my car all together.

However that is a pipe dream.

If I could afford an electric car I would buy one, but I’m not even sure I could find one.

The problem with a gas car is multifold.

Not only could I get a bike, but having my car sit idle for long periods causes extra issues.

So I’m limited in what changes I can make.

I bought a bike to use for short trips.

Things like going to spots by myself are fine but that is just a fraction of my needs.

Saving Gas with Changes is hard

There are things I can do and you can too.

When you are able don’t use your car.

No gas used.

This would be the largest Saving Gas with Changes effect possible, however its not a true solution.

However this is definitely not a big impact.

So another thing is to Not sit with the engine running.

I’m not moving yet I’m burning Gas to go no where.

But how to know when it makes sense ?

If you are sitting for more than 20 seconds it makes sense to turn off the engine.

Yes, truely its that small.

So don’t let your car warm up for 5 minutes before driving.

Turn the engine off when you can.

However the largest Gas savings I’ve got came from my Air conditioning.

Use it as little as possible.

There are many ways to feel comfortable without using AC.

Open the windows.

Air movement can make you feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

This works well at some temperatures.

It doesn’t work at 120 degrees tho.

So plan ahead.

Take a spray mister or a wet towel.

Moisture in the air is almost as good as Air conditioning at keeping you actually cool.

The moist Air allows you body to wick heat away.

This is absolutely keep you cool.

Place the wet towel at the back of your neck.

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