Why are people Buying Electric Cars

Are People right to consider Buying Electric Cars now ?

Why are their so much Demand for the Electric Car and SUV ?

There are definitely percieved needs that the electric vehicles are meeting

Perceived Benefits of Buying Electric Cars

The primary reason that people are buying electric cars is because of the Hype around Climate Change.

No matter where you live you are witnessing Climate Change inclimate Weather.

Flooding and Drought are being seen at the same time only separated by a few hundred miles.

This type of weather is flapping us all in the face.

There are so many weather trends these days that it is impossible to ignore.

The Electric Cars do not burn Gas to drive.

You will also save a ton of money using electric instead of gas.

What could be the downside to the Electric Car ?

While the weather trends are huge and cannot be ignored we cannot prove that Electric Cars will alleviate it.

The question is does Electric Cars improve our Earth or harm it as much or worse ?

Electricity that is generated by Hydro electric Damns is much greener than gas.

If however your electricity is coming from coal fired Generators well, how do you know ?

It is not clear how much CO2 is generated per Kw Hour of electricity.

You cannot also tell how much CO2 is generated by gas burning cars for a specific distance.

Those 2 figures are what you need to compare to know if its even better.

The other issue on Electric cars is the chemicals used in making the batteries.

How long will your Battery Last ?

You are told 10 years but that is based on average usage levels.

It could be more or less.

The cost is substantial just to buy another.

This doesn’t cover recycling the old one.

How is that even done ?

Nobody is ready to recycle 10,000 used car batteries a year.

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