Recycling EV Batteries – Can it be Done

I have read a number of articles and posts from people saying EV Cars won’t make it without Recycling EV Batteries.

I find it amazing that people question the viabiility of EV Battery recycling just because it has not started yet.

An EV Battery has a lifespan of about 8 years.

So far we have had production EV’s on the road for about 4 years.

This means that there is no Recycling EV Batteries going on because there are really no batteries that can be recycled.

EV Battery Chemicals

Over the next 10 years there will be many changes to the chemical makeup of our EV Batteries.

This is normal in most things in life, just look at smart phones and how new and improved models come out annually.

For EV Batteries this will happen as we demand more and more range out of our EV Vehicles.

That requires a higher Energy Density in the batteries.

To do this will require a different chemical makeup.

Today looking out over the next decade we can see that there is at least one major chemical contributor to all EV Batteries.

It is unlikely it will not be used in every battery during this next decade.

That is Lithium.

Lithium and the Enviroment

There are two parts to Lithium’s impacts

First is the direct impact of the chemical itself to humans.

Like many chemicals if you have enough direct contact on your skin or breathing it in you will suffer consequences.

These impacts are actually no worse than bleach and we all keep that in our homes.

Handle Lithium properly and don’t let it leak into watersheds, creeks and the land.

Follow this and its fine.

Secondly is the impact on mining lithium.

Lithium and easily available on the planet as it is a common element.

Today most of the mining has huge impacts on the area its done in.

This is called Hard Rock mining.

The earth is stripped back and we physically dig our Lithium Ore.

Then we pump millions of gallons of ground water into massive ponds full of crushed lithium Ore.

Let the water evaporate and the resultant powder can be refined and used for batteries.

Obviously we are causing serious harm to the earth and worse we are consuming massive amounts of water we need to drink.

Very harmful.

But there is an alternative.

Lithium Brine Mining

Lithium Brine Mining has all the positive impacts of the lithium in EV Batteries and None of the negative consequences.

So how is that possible ?

Brine mining uses Depleted Oil fields as the lithium source.

Companies are actively mining this way today.

More and more is being done to move this way.

A prime example is

Read more about E3 Metals Corp in Alberta Canada.

They pull brine out of the ground and run it thru a proprietary Filter process.

High grade, battery ready lithium is the result which requires no refining.

The liquid left over is simply pumped back into the Oil field to keep the liquid pressure up and they continue forward.

No impact at all on the enviroment.

As a species on this planet, our only home, we need to move in this direction.

Pull lithium out of the ground with no impact.

Then use it to power EV cars that do not spew greenhouse gases.

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