Electric SUV and Electricity

The rise of the Electric SUV has a dark spectre.

Our Electric Power Grid is already too close to Maximum usage.

So how in the world will be charge all those new Electric SUV’s ?

Green Electricity

Electric Cars and SUV’s are not Net Green if he power to run them is dirty.

Dirty Power from Coal fired Electrical Generation Plants.

Nuclear Power plants that are short term green but long term very bad.

There are green power sources that we use now.

Wind Electrical generation thru Wind Turbines.

Solar Cells producing electricity directly from sunlight.

Both are expensive and sadly generate too little power.

Future Power Savior for Electric SUV

Looming in the future is the potential for Nuclear to save us and provide unlimited power.

No we are not talking about nuclear Fission like is being used now.

7 mile Island Fission power.

Nuclear submarines and Aircraft carrier Fission power.

We mean Nuclear Fusion.

While this has been a pipe dream for a hundred years we appear to be very close now.

Fusion can produce electricity directly just as solar cells produce direct from the sun.

While still in the laboratory now it has make significant gains.

Patent applications are being filled out.

We won’t see Fusion power in 10 years but perhaps in 20 we will.

Fusion powered Electric SUV.

Now won’t that be a thing of beauty.

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