Electric Car Range limits are a Problem

The Short Electric Car Range is a problem for the average American.

The range is how far you can go before it runs out of battery life.

Keep in mind that when your Fossil Fuel Car runs our of gas you can run out and get more.

Carry is back to your dead vehicle and pour it into the tank.

You can now drive home like normal.

When your electric car is dead you must have it towed.

Eventually there will be portable ‘Charging Cars’.

Today there is none.

Energy Density Limits the Electric Car Range

The term Energy Density in laymans terms mean how much energy per pound of battery weight.

If we could double our energy Density in current car batteries we would get around 400 miles to a charge on our electric cars.

That would be a game changer.

So why do these batteries need to be so big in the first place ?

If you look at the Gas tank on your current car you will see a relatively small thing.

Its weight is a fraction of the batteries and it gives us tremendous range.

So why the difference ?

Fossil Fuels have a massive energy Density.

If you think about it almost everything in our entire society is driven by Fossil Fuels.

We use them because nothing else we have gives this high energy density.

This is what gives cars such a great range.

High Battery Energy will likewise give a high Electric Car Range.

Double Edged Sword of Battery Weight

While Energy Density is an obvious issue in electric cars so is the battery weight.

In truth the weight of the batteries along accounts for more than 1/3 of the total weight.

This means that 1/3 of the battery itself is needed just to move the battery down the road.

Obviously you need to battery to move the car, but you do not truely want to pay extra to move the battery if you can help it.

As the car Range is extended the consumers like you are happier.

But this also required bigger and bigger batteries.

These bigger batteries use more and more of their own power to move themselves.