Paying for your Childs Education

Most today think we need to be paying for education for our Children

But should we ?

there are many things to consider and some of them are at odds with each other.

How Much to Pay

While to outright cost for Tuition and Books may be relatively clear there are other costs that are not.

For example what about accomadations ?

Most students like the idea of living on campus but is that smart and what is the final costs ?

Will they need furniture and what about a vehicle ?

All of these factors plus more will eventually lead you to a reasonablely accurate annual cost.

The true question is how much can you truely afford ?

Seriously this is an important choice.

After this the most important choice is how much Should you pay ?

If you pay for it all does you child value this or will there be a chance they do not ?

If they don’t value it then they are more likely not to work hard, to get the degree.

Also if they have skin in the game they will be alot less likely to take courses because they are simply interesting.

Paying for Education and your own schooling costs, even some of it makes you more interested in how the money part works out.

Paying for Education with Student Loans Good or Bad

So here is the interesting thing about student loans.

They are interest free money.

So even if you have money for your childs schooling you should consider this.

For example you can get your child to take out student loans and pay them off later.

This also gives you the ability to negotiate a deal making your child more interested in not wasting it.

For example.

If grads are in the highest range you agree to pay everything.

If they pass and get the degree you pay 75% of all costs.

If they fail perhaps you only pay for one third of those costs, while keeping the extra money for a new set of courses.

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