The Power of Education and Degrees

There is a true long term benefit to the power of Education and persuing that in a career.

The impact is massive on your annual Salary Potential, however it goes even further.

You will be able to pick a Career Path based on what you enjoy.

This means you also will be much happier with your career and work life.

In addition you will have friends who are like you and have a similar financial situation.

These factors also can lift you up as a person.

It is very true that you will rise or fall to the level of the people you surround yourself with.

It might be hard to see that now but trust me, this is absolutely true.

Consider this.

If you hang out with friends in high school who drink a lot and start doing Break and Entry crimes it affects you too.

You also will start drinking more.

The police won’t be long before they are looking for you in connection to B&E’s as well.

This is not a path you would openly choose, but rather in this situation you would fall to their level.

Make a choice now while you have time.

Pick the path that leads you to rise to higher levels of the people around you.

Maximize the Power of Education in your Degree Choices

There is a pitfall to University Degrees that you need to consider.

If you make a bad choice for a career path and degree type you definitely will regret it.

Many people have gotten degrees only to find out later that they hate the career.

They either hate what they have to do or who they have to deal with.

If you do this then suddenly you find yourself in trouble.

You have spent a ton of money for a degree and career that you don’t work in.

Its money spent for nothing.

This is where you lost the power of education and got just debt.

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