ROI on your Education has Value

Its important to understand the ROI on your Education and why it is so high.

The ROI on your education is the Return on Investment.

Essentially this means how much more do you earn for the total cost of your education.

If you would work at a job averaging $ 40K per year without your education then this is your benchmark.

All money over and above this is part of your ROI.

Calculating your ROI on your Education.

It is important to understand exactly how to calculate the ROI properly.

You are 18 years old now, but the starting point for when your ROI period begins is After you Graduate.

Lets say you take 4 years to complete your degree.

Likely this would be an Engineering type degree for example.

You finish at 22 years old.

Now lets say the Average you make at your new career path is $ 90 K per year.

You plan to work until you are 65, but if you retire early that is just a big bonus.

This gives you 43 years of working.

Not you are making on average $50K per year more than you would have.

Total Gain at 65 is 43 years times $ 50K or $ 2,150,000

However if you had not gone to school you would have earned your $50K salary for those 4 years.

That means the ROI is reduced by that $ 200K

TOTAL ROI is roughly $ 2,000,000

Truely this is a massive return on the education costs.

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