The Move to Post Secondary Education

Its a big deal with Parents the the move to Post Secondary Education for their Children.

Think of your Family with your Parents, you, and your Kids.

It is a lineage and you are passing hopefully, a better life down the line.

Impact of starting Post Secondary Education

Its absolutely true that if your Parents did not go on with Post Secondary Education that your chances are Poor.

The changes are cut in Half that you will get a Post Secondary Education and Degree.

However, if your parents did get an Advanced Degree this entire picture changes.

When you are growing up you are constantly exposed to your Parents and their work.

You see and hear them talking about it.

Also you see the impact their jobs and salary has on your life.

You especially see this compared to other people at school.

This has an impact on you when its your turn to graduate from high school.

The changes are much higher that you will not continue your education.

In addition your parents will push you gently towards this path.

Now think about your children.

You will now do the same for them as your parents did for you.

It is a pattern that repeats.

When you look at your family tree down the ages this is profound.

You and yours now have lifted themselves up and enjoy a better life.

This is the goal of every single parent in the world.

That there children will have a better life.

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