Work From Home is Personal Time Savings

While it seems obvious when we think about it, there is a substantial Time Savings that is hard to pin down when you work from Home.

The truth is that is seems like you gain a bit of time we are comparing that to the entire day.

Instead we need to first figure out how much personal time we have now.

Study after study has indicated that the average person in North America has between 1 and 1-1/2 hours of personal time.

What is Personal Time

The first thing to understand is what is Personal Time ?

This is the amount of time you have in an average day to do whatever you want.

Most people look at the time they spend at work and travelling for work.

Whatever is left over in the day is their time to spend how ever they like.

Or is it ?

What do you use this time for when not at work ?

Cooking is an obvious one that if you chose not to do it means you are eating out.

Others include cleaning, laundry, shopping, taking care of pets.

If you have children there is a plethora of jobs that you must do there as well.

So do you feel this is all discretionary time ?

Time you could do what you want ?

This is not really ‘Me Time’.

So lets take our day and remove the time for work and the time for ‘Home Chores’.

What is left ?

For the average person it truely is only about an hour or two.

Time Savings Working From Home

So lets take the time to travel for work right off the list and add this to your Me Time.

If you live in the big city this adds around 1 or 2 hours of time.

That is a staggering increase from say 1 to 4 hours of Me Time.