Work before Degrees

If you want to Work from Home then before choosing your Education you need to Work before Degrees are chosen.

Once you commit the time and money to getting a degree it is rather too late to change that part.

You have spent your Money.

The time has been committed and you have a Degree.

The Degree comes with a likely career path.

How to Choose the Degree

Knowing that you want to work from home means you can already eliminate some degrees and education paths.

It is very difficult to work from home if you become a doctor or nurse for example.

The same is true for being a dentist or lawyer.

Once you filter the education paths for degrees you can use to work from home you will still have a long list.

The next step is to reduce this further.

To do this you need to know what you like to do, what field.

You must also know that you enjoy that field.

Working in that path first is the best way to validate the choice.

How to plan to Work from Home

Once you have working in the area of choice you can more clearly see what is needed.

Will you be more of a business person running a company ?

You likely will need a good home office but little more.

If you will work as a tradesperson with your own business its a little more involved.

You will definitely need an office plus a mobile office.

Likely more capital equipment as well.

A Vehicle and tools.

These can be very expensive.

Outside of that you need to consider what is the primary failing for more of these businesses.

You will be far more successful if your life partner can also take on the business side.

Invoicing, collections, even bidding.

This allows you to focus on the work.

Together you will be far more successful.

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