Work From Home

Before you Choose your Degree Program first decide if you want to Work from Home. This is an important step you simply cannot ignore.

Absolutely you can work from home.

The business of working from home will go far smoother if you plan for this up front.

Once you have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars on your degree, well.

It the wrong time to shift directions then, or at the very least hard.


Its a Sign of the times.

Job searches used to be performed thru word of mouth.

Or by walking around your village asking for work.

This was of course before even newspapers were commonly used.

Next Came looking in the newspapers for Help Wanted.

Doesn’t that bring back memories.

Not long after this there was government offices to administer any employment benefits.

Because of this they also collected Wanted Ads to help get people working again.

Today like everything else Finding a Job has gone online.

First it was Job websites.

These were good because the employer paid for the services.

Today Online Job hunting APPS are taking over.

Why Decide to Work from Home first ?

Working from home is a career path just like anything else.

Its similar to being a doctor or a lawyer.

Of your a Doctor and a Lawyer absolutely cannot work from home.

If you got your Doctorate in Medicine before deciding you want to work from home it isn’t going to be easy.

In fact you will be wasting 95% of your educational gains.

Choose your Career first.

Pick on that you can work from Home if you want that.

Next Align your Education with these choices.

Get your Degree, start your business.

You are on the road to success.

Work a Remote Job or My Own business ?

This is the most important question you can ask.

It will have lifelong implications on you, your lifestyle, and your Retirment.

Its also the hardest thing you will ever decide.

Lucky for you its not a choice that is etched in stone.

In fact you need to take out the entire subject constantly and work thru why you decided to do it.

Figure out if its still the right choice.

If and when you need to change it you need to move quickly.

Never choose to do this and then blindly keep moving forward.

How do I choose a Degree that works for me at Home ?

Once you know you want to work from home you can next use that information to choose your college degree.

Its easy to weed out the career paths that will not work at home.

In truth there is one degree program that is the most ideal for working from home.

Getting a business Degree is a focused degree program.

It is also ideal for home working because you can run any business with your degree.

Why do most people not choose this path ?

The main attraction to finding and holding a regular J.O.B. is that you get a paycheck.

You get a steady paycheck.

Its the owner of the company you work for to ensure that its profitible.

Even if the company looses money you get paid.

That is a huge comfort.

Imagine this instead:

You startup a new company out of your garage.

Your company has not clients.

You have no money coming in.

Worse yet you will absolutely have to put money out to get running.

Its almost guaranteed that you will go months without a paycheck.

Even when things go well you have to constantly be watching to ensure you are profitable.

If your company doesn’t make money you don’t make money.

That is scary in today’s world of Pay as You Go.

Run your New Company Smarter

The best way to startup your new work at home company is to be smart.

Saveup and be ready for 6 months without paying yourself.

Once your company is working beter and profit is coming in don’t pay it out to yourself.

Pay yourself half of the profits with a limit of some amount.

This means the company has a running capital account and if you have lean months all is well.