Learn English Using APPS

To Learn English using APPS is both possible and challenging.

The biggest challenge is that the APPS for learning English are almost all built to make the programmer money.

How are they going to do this ?

They will show you Ads if the APP is free to load.

If the APP is paid up front then that is how they make money.

Are Free APPS worth your Time

The biggest issue with Free APPS is that they are not primarily trying to be a good APP to teach English.

Primarily they are trying to be very good at getting you to click ADS.

This focus can result in an APP that does not teach you English effectively.

The creator of these APPS is likely to not actually have any teaching experience at all.

They don’t need that to create a money making APP.

If you Really want to Learn English using APPS then first check the paid APPS.

How are Paid APPS Better

With an APP that you must pay to load you already know how they are getting paid.

That means they already have what they want.

This leaves them to next make sure their APP is good enough to get 3 star reviews.

The more 3 star reviews the more people will load their APP.

And the cycle continues.

This ultimately gives you a better experience and a better APP.

It is good to try Free APPS to start so that you can see what kind of APP you prefer.

Ultimately you are better off paying for a good APP.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Pay nothing and well, that is what you often can end up with.

What does the APP Reviews tell you

The reviews are important.

You have to take the reviews with a grain of salt.

It is not wise to simply take what is written as gospil.

Sometimes the Reviews are written by the creators and are unrealistically all 3 star.

By the same token some are written by cometitors looking to make others look bad.

Those are unrealistically low reviews.

Read the sum of reviews and make a judgement call.

If people are writing on how they benefited using the APP and that is what you are looking for, well

That might just be the perfect APP for you.

Are Classes and Courses Better yet ?

Absolutely English classes and courses are far better.

You are motivated and the teachers set the pace.

You can ask questions and get really good study material.

Nothing can beat a good class, either online or in person.

Still, starting out using an APP can give you a good start.

If that is good enough then you do not need a class.

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.