VOIP Phone Services – Small Business Phones & Finding the Right Services for Businesses

Voice Over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP, is the newest system for receiving phone services. It has taken the familiar landline option that runs through your local phone company and augmented it to work through your internet service provider as well. The most familiar name int he VOIP service is Skype, which has been around since 2003. With a VoIP phone line, one can have a whole-house phone line without the added cost to a telecommunications provider. The technology allows the user to transmit their voice and other multimedia content such as visuals over IP networks rather than public switched telephone networks (PSTN). With a regular telephone line circuits are opened and are kept open during the duration of the call. With VOIP, however, our voices are converted into transmissible data packets that are converted back into sound once they reach their destination.

There are two main benefits to the functionality of calling and receiving over the internet, with the first being a lower cost. Traditional phone companies charge more for calls and services, whereas equivalent services through VOIP cost on average less. This is largely due to the monopoly that larger phone companies maintain through fixed pricing that doesn’t exist in the smaller niche of companies that offer VOIP, thus allowing their prices to be lower due to a lack of competitors in the industry. In order to have VOIP service there is little more to do than pay an added cost to your internet service provider. Another customer favourite is the lack of extra charges on long distance calls and the ease with which you can receive messages and calls while you are on vacation or away from home. It is due to this that VOIP phone services have quickly become the method of choice for the businessman and traveller.

VOIP expands out ability to communicate, as we can now call from any operating device as long as it is connected to the internet, whereas with regular phone service we were limited to the telephone However, despite revolutionizing the form in which we communicate, has not changed our method of communication. The old fashioned pick up the phone, dial a number and listen to the ringer until the voice on the other end arrives is still the pretty package the service comes in. Many functions of the telephone, such as holding and forwarding calls, are still the same with VOIP as well.