Nursing Degrees and Programs

Nursing Degrees are popular because it is a great career with endless advancements & also allows the practitioners to take time off.

This allows them to have a full Nursing Career and still have time to be a Mom or Dad.

Nursing is a great field to choose as its never a dead end career.

Applicants start out at the most basic level as a Nurse Practitioner but can effectively climb the ladder their entire career.

Nursing Degree Online

While there are parts of a nurses education that is all practical, there are still significant parts that can be taught online.

Using the internet to start your Nursing Degree Online allows you to minimize the imapct of the time needed to get your degree.

It opens more doors and allows more students to get their Nursing Degrees quickly.

How to Get Started

Nursing Careers are a path of work combined with continuous Education.

This is a large commitment, you need to be sure you want it.

Step 1:

If you are not 100% sure this is the career for you, then you have to figure it out first.

You can definitely work near nurses and assist with the duties you would hav eto do.

If you like it, then you can proceed to investigating the path you likely with want to pursue.

You will have loads of time to refine your exact passion once you get your RN Degree.

Step 2:

Now that you know you want to be a nurse lets take the next step.

Find a school.

Find a program.

How to start ?

Look at your local area first.

If you can stay at home and learn your cost for the degree will be massively lower.

Local colleges are your best bet.

What programs do they offer ?

Step 3

Talk to Nurses and Career guides about your plan.

Find out what the work would be like.

Find out what the pay range is.

Is there a demand for nurses in the area’s you want to live.

If you have to move are you okay with that ?

What are the career advancement oportunities.

Again, would you make enough money.

In the end money is a huge factor.

Don’t start a career where you will not make enough money.

Pick a Degree Method

This is quite simple.

There are several variables you need to decide upon before picking a school.

Step 1

Do you learn Online or on Campus ?

Online is going to cost less.

You will also be able to choose when you do the class work and as such can make it fit into working.

Unfortunately you also need to be self motivated.

Not everyone does well learning online.

You are wise to seriously consider if this works for you.

Nobody wants to sign up online, pay the tuition, and end up not passing the classes.

What do you do when you feel you won’t make it ?

Do not give up.

Look for your fellow students online.

Join their students group. Organize a study meeting online.

Worst case, pay for a tutor.

Is the degree good ?

This is a common question.

You are sure to ask it as well.

Finding your first job is where the quality of your nursing degree may come into question.

Once you have job experience then your degree pedigree is less important.

Regardless of where you want to end up in the Nursing Field, getting your RN Degree is the first step.

All other special Nursing fields will demand that you already have an RN Degree.

RN Degree versus Work Experience

There are many things that are taken into account by employers when considering you for a position.

When you are new to a field like RN Nursing the employer has little or no work experience to look at.

This leave them with the Degree itself.

It gets a lot more consideration not because ultimately it is so important but rather that there isn’t anything else to look at.

What the Employer looks for

When it comes to your education the Employer has one main need:

Do you have the minimum education required for the position.

That is it.

Not what was your grades or how long did it take to get the degree.

Some Employers ask about what school you attended but in truth that is more interest based that anything else.

Attitude and Fit

What is more important is how you fit into the team.

Online versus In-Class RN Degree

It is indisputable that in Class degrees are seen as superior today.

While true it is equally true that online and virtual classes are growing fast and opinions are shifting.

It will not be long before online degrees are seen as equal to in class schooling.

That being said, online classes can be challenging unless you are motivated.

This requirement may in the future be seen as an advantage to online degrees.

All degree holders have had to prove their motivation in order to get their degree online.

RN Degree Work Experience

Many also will require you to have some work experience as well.

Work experience may be required to be accepted into the program.

It is definitely required to complete your degree.

The advantage here is that your work experience most often leads to your first job after graduation.

Remember this, work hard.

Types of Nursing Degrees

There is a seemingly endless supply of levels a nurse can learn and get special degrees on.

Specializing in these areas makes the nurse more valuable and they get larger compensation as a result.

While Doctors get the limelight in healthcare its the Nurses who make it all happen.

From simply keeping patients comfortable and calm to their entire daily care. Nurses do it all.

If you are thinking about a career in Nursing then you need to know more about the nursing degrees available.

Welcome to your new Nursing Career, here is the path to an amazing lifelong Career.

Nursing Assistant

A Nursing Assistant is a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant.

With a short 4 to 12 week program at your local college you will be working with RN Nurses.

You will not know enough to work on your own.

The CNA is a good fast track to health care fields.

LPN Nursing Degrees

Licensed Practical Nurses are the first Official Nurse Designation.

With your LPN Degree you are officially a ‘stand alone Nurse’.

Welcome to the first rung of the Nursing Ladder.

If you are planing to take this first step you will require your High School Diploma first.

A GED Degree is equivalent to the High School Diploma and is also acceptable.

Enter the 1 Year LPN Program online or at your local college.

The program is a coupling of school book work as well as in hospital practical experience.

You will work primarily with RN Nurses but also some Doctors.

This first step gives you a true feel for what your career will be like.

The Next step up is to become an RN or Registered Nurse.

RN Nursing Degrees

An RN Nurse is a Registered Nurse.

This is typically the first step in every Nurses Career path.

You can complete the RN Requirements relatively quickly by starting the courses ASAP.

Your RN Nurse pay is high and you will be expected to work as part of a team.

Typically these teams are headed up by a Doctor.

When the general public thinks of a Nurse it is an RN Nurse that comes to mind.

Start your career getting your RN Degree.

RN Degree Requirement

There are universal requirements to become an RN Nurse.

These requirements are universal in the United States.

First you need a Degree.

You can choose an Associates Degree or a Bachelor of Science Degree.

It is possible for you to be working full time as an RN Nurse in 2 to 4 years from when you start.

APRN Nursing Degrees

Officially ‘THE’ nursing Degree.

You will need a Masters degree to become an APRN.

The RN or Registered Nurse designation is actually a specific degree within the APRN umbrella.

APRN nurses have choosen to work much closer with specific patients.

Typically you would work in a Doctors office and get to know the patients much better than say at a Hospital or Emergency Room.

BSN Nursing Degrees

The BSN is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

This is a significant step upwards and is only done when you are sure this is your chosen career.

The bachelor of Science in Nursing is an additional 2 year diploma program.

It opens many career path doors and as such is well worth your time.

Get your RN Degree first, then transition to your BSN in Nursing.

RN to BSN Degree

The Requirements to become a BSN when you are already an RN Nurse.

Nurse Practitioner Programs

The Nurse Practitioner designation is a long process.

Generally requiring 8 years of Advanced Education in total.

Nursing Associate Programs

At only 2 years total school the Nursing associate Degree is an excellent step upwards.

Masters in Nursing

Otherwise known as an MSN Degree, the Masters in Nursing opens a lot more career doors.

RN Degree Requirements

This is the main degree we all think of Nurses having.

A Registered Nurse.

There are many paths people can take to get their RN designation, but in general you will need 2 years.

Once school is finished your last step is to pass the RN Test Requirement.

BSN Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Nursing Degree.

Online RN Degree Schools

Online BSN Degree Schools

Doctor of Nursing

No, this is not a typo.

There truely is a Doctorate of Nursing.