Learn How to Sell Your Car Privately

Today you will Learn how to Sell your Car Privately.

I never trade in my old car when upgrading to a new model or year.

As Soon as I negotiate a purchase price for a New Car with the Selling price of my old car things go sideways.

I can never truely know what price I paid for the new Car.

Its also impossible for me to nail down just how much I got for the Trade In.

I know what my trade in is worth.

The Salesman often tells me I’m getting something reasonably close to the price.

But the figures are muddied because the Purchase price is also somewhat lowered.

I can never be sure I got BOTH a good price for my Trade and a good price for the new car.

Its frustrating.

This is also the best way Car salesmen make extra money.

Typically you will loose out on $1000 to $5000 dollars when combining these together.

Why don’t we all Sell Privately ?

This is easy to answer.

I don’t want the hassle of trying to sell my old car.

I want to jump in the new car and enjoy it.

This costs me money every time.

So how can I make selling my old car easier ?

Steps to Sell Your Car Privately

The Truth about selling my car privately is that its all about how the car looks.

This is the first and foremost thing to remember.

Clean the heck out of the car and get it professionally detailed.

Don’t cheap out, I always buy the best detailing package.

Humans are always most influenced by their eyes and what they see.

My car all shiney and clean makes every buyer think that this is how my car looks every day.

This is never true.

In fact if you think about it everybody knows this.

I just cannot help myself.

A Clean new looking vehicle makes me think all good things.

When someone is coming to look at the car I always go out and get a good wash and wax done.


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