Learn How to Get the Most out of Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance is a requirement but with a little thought and effort you can learn how to get the Most out of Car Maintenance.

We all know that Car maintenance is important but there is an important aspect that I have found invaluable.

Why do I maintain my Car ?

This is an easy answer for me to come up with.

I maintain my car so that it runs longer with less problems.

The cost of the maintenance is far less than the cost of repairs that result from not maintaining the vehicle.

Easy and obvious.

We all know this to be true.

And if you were to own only this one car for the rest of your life then that is all you have to be concerned about.

For myself this is definitely not the case.

At the most I keep a car10 or 12 years maximum.

After this I either need to or want to get a new car.

We all do this, you are just fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

So what else is important about car maintenance ?

Proving that the Car was regularly maintained

Without proof for all my car maintenance I’m the only one who knows it was done.

This is well and good for me.

But when I sell this car I want to have proof that I did regular maintenance.

This proof has to be the bills and such.

Showing a buyer all that paperwork will prove that the car is in good shape inside and out.

Mechanical health is an important feature to used car buyers.

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