Is English hard to Learn

English is definitely known to be a hard language to learn.

It can be even harder depending upon what your native tongue is.

Native Tongue, right there is an example of this.

Native tongue really referes to your native language but in a confusing way.

It is difficult for various reasons.

There are seemingly many Contradictions

Words and parts of words mean different things depending upon where and how they are used.

Look is the act of seeing.

Yet overlook is the opposite of Oversee.

This cannot be accommidated by Rules.

They must all be individually memorized.

This makes learning English far more complicated than we think.

In addition the spoken English is hard for different reasons.

The same words to your ear are actually different words based upon how they are used.

Confusing and hard to memorize it all.

That is why people say English hard to Learn.

English language Structure makes English hard to Learn

The order that words come together is most often not logical.

This makes it hard to learn because you must simply remember each individual case.

Most languages you can learn rules.

There are rules you can learn but they do not cover all cases.

This adds to the confusion because rules apply and special cases apply both.

One rule can cover literally dozens of individual instances for most rules.

Lets say you need to learn 50 rules to learn language X

For English it would be 40 rules and 500 individual special case rules.

That is far more memorization.

For example the letter I comes before E unless they both come after a C.

True, but not in the case of Science.

There is also the ‘tense’ of words.

Things like the bulb is light or the bulb was lit.

They sound identical but are different and have different meanings.

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