Information is Money when Negotiating Car Price

Negotiating Car Price is hard to Learn, however the key point is easy to remember.

Information is Money.

Literally this is true.

The less you know the more money it will cost you to buy that nice car.

If you don’t know the fair market value of the car then you are lost.

Don’t even try to buy it.

Instead go home and prepare for battle as it were.

Find out the fair market value of the car.

Research the common mechanical and electrical issues with those type of cars.

Research what typical maintenance requirements and repairs must be done.

If the Breaks need to be done at this mileage then you need to know this.

Call around and find out the repair costs.

Itemize a list of repairs and upcoming repairs

Add onto this the cost to have them all done.

Armed with this you are more likely to get a decent deal when negotiating.

Don’t go into the negotiations expecting the dealer to pay 100% of your list.

At the very least you can expect to get up to half of those costs covered.

Compare the car price against the average.

If this car is at or above the average then you should expect the car to be in tip top shape and the dealer to pay more of the needed repairs.

If its below average then the opposite is true.

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