Hello Talk APP for English

The Hello Talk APP is a great choice when you are starting out learning English.

You will be able to connect with others and learn at your own pace.

How Hello Talk Works

Like most APPS out there you have a choice of paid and free versions of Hello Talk.

The Free versions of all APPS still makes money, but like most others it makes money be showing you Ads.

It also gives you enough features to work but holds back others that you would benefit from.

Paid Version Value

The Paid version is a great price at under $50 per year.

We suggest you start out buying it at the higher month to month fee of $7 to ensure you like it and are actually using it.

Once you know you want it pay the annual fee and save money.

Plan to use the APP for a minimum of a year, and perhaps even longer.

How it works

Hello Talk works by connecting you live to others using and practicing the English Language.

This is fantastic as you have an eager audience and you get to talk with people from across the world.

In the Paid version you can even search out people in specific area’s and languages that you want to connect with.

Learn more Languages

Hello Talk lets you learn more than just English.

The Paid version allows up to 3 different languages, although you need to focus on one at a time.

Keep yourself focused and learn far faster.

The last thing that you want is to start mixing up words from multiple languages at once.

Drawbacks to Hello Talk

There are some things to consider before signing up for Hello talk.

No Lessons

You do not get any structured lessons.

This means nothing to work on and nothing to look over to see how many mistakes you made.

without lessons on a regular timeframe you have nothing pushing your progress.

This leads many people to learning far slower.

No tests or quizzes to evaluate your progress

A Test is the best way to evaluate your progress.

One concern on Hello Talk is that without Tests you have no way of knowing if the APP is helping enough,

No Tools to help assess where you are at

The only tools you have to gauge your progress is other students.

This sounds great, but can be very misleading.

If students who know very little english think you are doing well it may not be as true as it sounds.

Take care in how you use this information.

Test its truth by talking to people outside of the APP to see how well you understand.

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