Find Online Tutors Easily

What if you need an Online Tutor because you are home schooling your children ? Local and Online Tutors are becoming more in demand.

Tutors have become in high demand with the current Pandemic going.

People who sourced and booked their tutor’s now are the lucky ones, there just isn’t going to be enough qualified tutors to handle the upcoming need.

What should you do ?

Start now to find a tutor for September and January 2021 / 2022

Online Tutor

Sign up for an Online Tutor and there are definite benefits to a Tutor near you.

Its way easier to Find Online Tutors than to find one near you.

The primary one is that your Tutor access is far more flexible.

You also are not paying for someone’s time to travel for in person tutoring.

Don’t kid yourself, even when they say its free travel, its still part of their cost.

You just pay a mixed bag and do not see how much that part costs.

Can I get a Free Online Tutor ?

This is a complex question.

If you are asking to get someone to actively tutor you long term thru classes for Free, well.

The answer is No.

And if by some rare chance you find someone offering this service something is wrong.

Nobody can afford to work full or part time for free.

What can I get for Free Online Tutoring ?

Yes you can get something.

There are essentially two options here.

Free online Tutoring Video’s

Tutoring Video’s are absolutely helpful.

Some in fact are like an audio video version of a text book.

Where they fall flat is they cannot and will not address your specific needs.

They cannot answer your direct questions.

Free Trial time with an Online Tutor

This is a great option.

You usually get part or one full tutoring lesson at no charge.

This allows you to see if the tutor is working for you.

Its like a trial run.

How much do in person Tutors Cost ?

How much do Online Tutors Cost ?

SAT Tutors

The SAT Test is one of the first major tests that causes widespread desire to use a Tutor.

The reason for this is that the test is hard and life changing.

Do well and you have more options for your life moving forward from that point.

Certainly an SAT Tutor will aide you in doing well.

You can find SAT Tutor’s online or near you depending on your needs.

SAT versus Courses Tutors

An SAT Tutor will have specific specialization on the SAT Test.

This makes them ideal Tutors when your goal is to pass the SAT.

You will gain greater benefit from an specialized Tutor like this.

Your SAT Tutor is not as focused on the specific details of any one course, but rather is getting you prepared to write the SAT exam.

Think of it like this.

You are a kitchen knife.

You get into a knife shape and get sharpened thru all those teachers working on you.

Your SAT Tutor is like the mater knifesmith who puts the final hone on you.

This final step is where the razor edge is achieved.

The knife is never so sharp as this.

SAT Examines are important and you need this final step to get the best result.

Top SAT Tutors are paid top dollars.

They are well worth the cost because you are taking your one shot at getting good grades on the SAT.

This will open more doors the better you do.

Its a small investment into the rest of your life.

Take choosing your SAT Tutor very seriously.

Math Tutor

Math Tutors are the most called upon Tutor.

This is no surprise, but do you need a special tutor just for math ?

The answer is maybe.

There are many factors that influence this answer.

The more complex and important the Math Course the more likely you will need a Tutor specializing in Math.

K-12 Math classes are generally not so complex as requiring a special Tutor.

Math is a universally required course and knowledge base and having good grads is critically important.

Tutors will enable you to achieve this goal.

How does Online Tutoring Work ?

Online Tutoring is ideal during a Pandemic.

You need to connect to the right tutor for your requirements.

Make sure you find a well qualified Tutor so that you get what you need.

Your goal in finding a tutor is to PASS the courses and Tests.

Finding a Tutor on an Ad site is the cheapest but you run the risk of getting a Tutor who is not as qualified as your require.

Find a good online Tutor service and they will pre-qualify the tutors for you.

How do you find the right online Tutor ?

Working with the wrong tutor can lead to a number of issues.

If your tutor is not knowledgeable is the field or specific topic you need help on it could be counter productive.

You don’t want to pay a tutor to learn what they need to know to help you.

If your tutor is not fluent in your language of choice it becomes easy to not understand what is being taught.

Oddly enough if your tutor learns subject differently than you do it can add to the issue.

Make sure when picking out a tutor to look at Reviews.

Ideally you want to read local reviews and talk to others who have used the same tutor.

Make sure and get a copy of the tutors credentials.

If your tutor ‘has a degree’ but you are not allowed to see it and copy it then it raises red flags.

K12 Tutors Online ?

Absolutely there are plenty of K-12 Online Tutors.

Today many people are thinking about home schooling or partial home schooling in K-12

Despite this being daunting you can always call in the experience of an Online K-12 Tutor to help your children.

Finding a good K-12 Tutor can be challenging.

Make sure you research who is available.

Find someone locally in case you need one or two face to face sessions.

Where can you find Online Tutors ?

There are many Options to find your child an online Tutor.

First you must decide if you want to find more of a local online tutor who does it themselves.

Or do you go thru Tutor Services.

Local tutors can be found thru local advertising or better yet from your child’s School Teachers recommendations.

Have your child ask friends if they use Tutors and who they are.

Local tutors are almost always less expensive but you have a harder time making sure they are good.

Tutor Services are almost always more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Are Tutors right for you ?

There is an easy and obvious choice.

If you are remote learning then a tutor is a definite yes assuming you need the help.

How do you know if you need the help ?

Answer a few questions and you will know.

Are you struggling to get good grades on tests ?

Are you struggling to understand what you read ?

Is it a challenge to get assignments done ?

Any of these answering yes means you really need to consider hiring a tutor.

Staying safe is also easy.

Most tutors are using Zoom for online Tutoring services.

If you need to meet face to face it is advised you think that thru.

Stay safe, if there is a Pandemic take precautions.

Target your Tutoring

You will gain the most from Tutors by Targeting the services.

Do this primarily around preparing for the scholastic milestones like tests and large assignments.

Book your Tutor for the week leading up to Finals and Midterms.

Large assignments are also the right time to work with a tutor to ensure good marks.

The last time frame is if when you have a specific topic or area that is troubling you.

Bring in a tutor quickly to ensure you don’t far further behind.

Un-targeted Tutoring will cost you more. A lot more.

You could pay up to 3 or 4 times as much overall.

Your benefit for this extra time and cost will be around 10% to 15% gain.

One hard to quantify loss is your ability to learn on your own.

The ability to problem solve when you hit a wall.

This is not something you want to ‘Tutor Away’.

This is a major life and learning skill.

The best online Tutor Service

There are many online Tutoring Services which makes it harder to Find Online Tutors quickly and effectively.

You want to make sure you pick a service that has been available for more than 3 days.

Ideally the company should have more than 3 tutors available.

Alternately you can find individual tutors for the specific area’s that you need to work on.

This requires more up front work but can generally result in a better value for you.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg tutors is a good start for many reasons.

You can try their services with a 30 day trial.

Costs can be very reasonable.

They are large and highly recommended.

You can book video tutoring in a flexible manner.

Video Tutoring will require you to have high speed internet so that your Tutor can be seen and heard without running into bandwidth issues.