Buy a Car – Learn Beginner Negotiating

Negotiating Prices for Cars is the hardest thing for most of us to both learn and to be good at and to do so you need to Learn Basic Price Negotiating.

Ironically this is also the most valuable skill that we can learn.

The trap that most of us end up at in price negotiations is we are emotionally attached.

Attached emotionally to the price we want and the car we are negotiating for.

Emotions are the worst thing to have involved in negotiating.

If you look at the car salesmen none of them are emotional when they talk to you.

In truth the car lots setup the methods to control their salemen from getting emotionally involved.

They do this because it gives them the best results overall.

Logic over Emotion

The key element to Learn Basic Price Negotiating is to stick to Logic and remove emotioin.

Its not hard to do, you just have to be sestematic

You also cannot leave yourself in a corner with only 1 choice.

If you want only 1 car then you are giving the salesman the power.

This is because you have signalled that you won’t walk away.

If you go in likeing the car but willing to take a different one the salesman looses leverage on you.

Think of it like persuing a woman.

If you want her too bad you will never get her.

She has to want you too.

In the case of buying a car the salesman has to want to sell you the car.

Really want to.

So step one is have no less than 2 models you want to buy.

Step two is to figure out the market value of the cars you want and the age of the cars.

Once you know fair market value you can remove some of the emotion for cost.

Realize as well that less than half the salesmen will be motivated to sell.

If they are motivated then they will give better prices to you.

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