Best APP to learn a Language

If you want to learn a new language then you want the Best APP to learn a Language.

English is a tricky language to learn.

Some APPS will not work as well for your style of learning so do not be afraid to try different ones.

Once you have a good one its is well worth paying to learn.

Hello Talk APP to learn a Language

Hello Talk has been all over the internet lately.

Definitely a good APP to learn English on.

However the biggest drawback is that its not really a structured learning setup.

You connect with others all trying to learn english.

It gives a great enviroment to practice English.

It does not give you lessons and tests.

No structure.

One issue is you are learning by mimicing others who are also learning.

How can you be sure you are learning well ?

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone conquors this issue.

You dont have to rely on others to make you speak well.

Rosetta stone is a well setup APP for learning to speak.

You can only try the APP for 3 days before starting to Pay.

This is not really enough to know its going to work for you.

In our experience you need at least 2 weeks free trial.

Rosetta stone falls down on this.

The other issue is the focus is not English.

Rosetta Stone is for almost every Language.

It cannot be super focused on teaching english.

Hello English APP to learn a Language

Now Hello English addresses this issue.

You are learning just english.

You get a much better trial time and can be sure you like the APP.

Once you are good to go its easy to sign up and start learning English.


Duolingo APP to learn a Language is on par with Rosetta Stone.

Absolutely if you want to learn multiple languages this is the road for you.

You can learn the most here and you will be familiar with the APP and structure.

Once you learn one language its easy to move onto the other.

The issue is this.

Who can learn more than 2 or 3 new languages ?

Read more about Online English Courses and start learning today.