RN Nurses – What they do

The RN Nurse is who we all know as the smiling Healthcare worker who we see the most.

What is an RN Nurse

RN Nurses are Registered Nurses.

They have had to go thru a couple of years of school.

Generally they also have worked in the field already, and have committed to this as a career.

There are more Registered Nurses than almost any other nursing speciality.

RN Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare System.

Why are RN Nurses so Important ?

The Registered Nurse is the face of HealthCare in our Hospitals.

They are the ones patients see the most.

Your RN does the Rounds daily, making sure the patients are doing well.

RN Nurses do all daily data recording and monitoring of the equipment patients are hooked up on.

You RN Nurse is the one who typically administers all medications.

They do not prescribe medications, that is the sole field of the Doctors, but they do monitor for Side Effects.

Your RN Nurse is almost the one who will educate you on post Care proceedures.

How and What you need to do at home.

How it works, what to watch for.

Most importantly how to know if you need to come back when things go wrong.

Direct Care versus Assisted Care

A Licenced Practical Nurse ( LPN ) are the ones directly assisting Doctors as they make the rounds.

They are all over the Hospitals and medical clinics.

Direct Care

Only the Registered Nurse ( RN ) has the level of education and skill to give Direct Care.

Direct care is diagosing a situation and taking action to improve a patients situation.

As a Hospital Patient you will have most of your contact with heathcare workers done with RN Nurses.

However if you are in a large super busy Hospital you ay find a different situation.

Hospitals have started moving the RN’s up to more of a supervisory / management level.

They do this by putting a handful of nurses below the RN and the RN Nurse becomes the main decision maker.

This is done for one reason and only one reason.

The hospital saves money.

Assisted Care

Assisted Care is when the Nursing Staff is assisting the main health workers such as a Doctor.

This level of care requires less technical knowledge as the Doctor is directing the decisions.

To become an RN Nurse you must start with your Education.

Read more about Nursing Degrees and start your new Career.